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Memoriam - Hank Davis

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the passing of our brother, Sir Knight Hank Davis. Hank was a founding member of All Saints Council 15706, a past member of Council 5207 and Assembly 1083. He was a member of All Saints Parish.


Henry John Davis, 72, of Knoxville, Tennessee passed away on December

14th, 2020 due to blood infection/sepsis.

Hank -- as WE all called him -- grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with his brother

Marty. Dragging Marty back and forth to the ballfield, Hank used to carry him

on his bicycle. Then, one day, Marty stuck his foot in the spokes and they

went tumbling over the handlebars. But, he kept playing with a broken collar

bone. Everyone who knew Hank, knew how much he loved the game.

He met Cindy, his wife at 15 and they never looked back, staying married for

53 years. None of his accomplishments below would have been possible

without her help, commitment, support, and most of all 3 excellent meals per


Describing him as a hard worker is an understatement. He got a BBA and

MBA in Accounting at Cleveland State, a Post Grad Certificate at Case

Western Reserve, and passed his CPA on the first go. Using his degrees, he

served the country as a Marine. His studies lasted his entire career racking up

more certificates like CMA and CIRM. His desire for constant progress and

learning was ingrained deeply in him.

He had a very successful business career. He spent nearly 25 years at

Reliance Electric achieving Group Controller status, reporting to the Corporate

CFO. Circa 2000, he desired to run his own practice and help people so he

bought a small tax practice in Knoxville, Tennessee -- a place he fell in love

with during one of Kurt’s baseball tournaments. He grew that practice to 30+

offices before retiring. No doubt, his success was due to his tenacity and

desire to succeed and help others along the way. His hard work, continuous

learning, and entrepreneurial risk taking are things that left an indelible mark

on others around him and certainly his son, Kurt.

Hank was a fervent supporter of the community whether through coaching

sports teams, volunteering at Church, or helping out with Youth. He coached

many sports teams that Kurt, Seth, and Kristie participated on. He was Board

of Directors at Greenville Junior Achievement and most recently, a Treasurer

at the Knights of Columbus in Knoxville and previously in Ohio and South


Besides the baseball field, Hank’s happy place was on his boat with his family.

He was a member of the American Boating Club where he was past

Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Junior Navigator, and Treasurer. He is

survived by his wife, Cynthia; daughter, Kristie; daughter, Karrie; son, Kurt;

niece and great grandson, Haley and Damoni; nephew, Seth; nieces, Madison

and Izabella. He loved his family dearly and gave his life to support them even

through all of the difficulties they had.

His last words of advice were, “Do the best with what you have and let God

take care of the rest.”

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