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A Gracious Thank You from Catholic Charities of East Tennessee

After our council recently worked diligently to raise money, we were proud to be able to present a generous monetary gift to help support the Pregnancy Center with Catholic Charities of East Tennessee. Exceptional acts such as this help confirm our on going philosophy and 1st Principle of Charity.

Lisa Healy, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of East Tennessee, sent the council the following letter graciously thanking us for the support:


Dear Knights of Columbus - Council 5207,

I am writing to extend my deepest gratitude for your extraordinary generosity to Catholic Charities of East Tennessee. Your gift of $12,000.00, received on 6/17/2019, will make a transformational difference in the lives of those we serve. Many of these people have seen tremendous troubles; and yet, they haven't given up hope. Instead, they have chosen a path that will lead them to a better tomorrow.

I know that the future of our clients, their families and their communities will be stronger because of your willingness to get involved and give back to help those in need. Thank you for believing in our mission to help the most vulnerable. We are truly blessed to do this important work in East Tennessee. Please know that your help is allowing us to demonstrate Christ's love daily and so foster hope in the lives of those we serve.


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