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Council Recognition: Coats for Kids Drive

Our council received a belated Thank You message from Ladies of Charity Knoxville for our strong effort in supporting them with our Coats for Kids initiative. We would like to share this letter and the attached pictures with the whole council:


First, I am extremely tardy in this thank you — I can not apologize enough for that. I want to thank the Knights of #5207 for their wonderful and continued support of the Ladies of Charity Knoxville. We can’t begin to thank you enough for all you do for us. Your coat drive was such a blessing to so very many families at LOCK. We provided 75 families with coats for their families right before Christmas at our LOCK’s Children’s Christmas. I wanted to share some pictures of the set up for that event. Families were so very appreciative for all the items there were able to receive for their children. Plus thank you for your continuing support with your pasta drives. Pasta is such a staple to so many families and we appreciate that help in so many ways. As we continue to navigate these challenging times we are so grateful to have a partner like the Knights of Columbus #5207. We thank you and bless you for all your efforts! Stay safe!


Lisa Daley

LOCK Board President


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