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Father - Daughter Dance 2020

This year’s dance was our best attended dance to date. We ended up with approximately 90 dads / granddads and approximately 120 daughters / granddaughters. Thanks goes out to many brother Knights for making this such a good community event.

This event highlighted our gifts of time, talent and treasure. 19 brothers donated money to sponsor the event and cover our costs. Thanks to these brothers for their generosity. We were also blessed with Game Day Volunteers including Doug Caiazza, Chris Manning and Russ Carvin who worked the cookie and punch tables which made everything easier on the dads and granddads while enhancing the experience for our guests.

Chester Pun-Chuen and Peter Shwark worked our registration table which was quite a chore given this year’s attendance. It was also Peter’s birthday but he served us before he served himself at the birthday after-party. We also had great representation from our Council at the dance. The music was good, our Balloon lady was fabulous and Deacon Scott took care of the pictures. A big Thank You goes out to everyone for their participation in this year’s dance.

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