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Middle Tennessee Disaster & Knights of Columbus Response

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Many are aware of the horrible situation that Middle Tennessee had experienced with nature this week as a Tornado went through causing significant damage and loss of life. There have been 25 fatalities and several still missing after this tragic event. Because of the values that we hold dear, the Knights of Columbus are definitely taking a part in helping with the disaster relief where possible.

Michael McCusker, KofC State Deputy for Tennessee, commented "Early this morning, we were reminded of the fragility of life as tornadoes devastated Middle Tennessee, especially in Nashville and Cookeville. Presently, the numbers of those who have died, gone missing or were injured continues to grow. This terrible moment is a reminder to all of us as Knights that our days were numbered while still in our mothers’ wombs and that, like so many last night, we cannot know when, where or how our Lord will call us home.

Tonight, we offer our thoughts and prayers for all those who have been affected by this tragedy. In the coming days, we will offer the strength of unity of nearly 12,000 Knights across the state as we go to work to bring relief to this disaster. Charity is the first and foremost principle of our Order, and the Tennessee State Council is working in conjunction with the Diocese of Nashville to coordinate a statewide KofC charitable effort."

After some conference calls, McCusker sent out communications discussing our plans of action which would also include efforts through donations and encouraging all Knights to commit themselves to praying a rosary for the victims between noon and 3 pm this Friday, March 6, 2020.


Updates as of March 5, 2020:

  1. The State can now take PayPal donations for those wishing to donate online. (See Below)

  2. The Nashville Community Resource Center has added three new items to the wish list of things they are in need of to help support the victims. (See Below)

  3. Assumption Church in Germantown needs helpers with battery-powered drills to remove pews today. If you are local and able to stop by and help please do so (some extra drills are being brought by Tom Kimball).

  4. We are working with our Councils around Putnam County to arrange a local collection center for needed relief items. For those coming from East Tennessee please check with us before heading to Nashville with supplies to determine if you can drop them off there instead. (Email our State secretary at to find out more.)

PayPal Donation Instructions:

The State Council has set up a PayPal account for anybody wishing to make a donation using PayPal. The process is easy:

  1. Go to

  2. Select Send/Request

  3. Enter the State Treasurer Email:StateTreasurer@kofc-tn...

  4. Enter the amount you desire to donate.

  5. In the comments section type “Tornado” and if you wish, your name and council.


  1. Individual Financial Donations: Please collect donations through your Council and parish and then send a single check made payable to Tennessee State Council of the Knights of Columbus and mail it to Treasurer Tennessee State Council, PO Box 896, Cleveland TN 37364-0896. (Please write Nashville-Cookeville Tornado Relief in the memo field of the check)

  2. Council Financial Donations: Have your council make a donation from its prudent reserves (the recommended donation is $500 for those Councils who are able to help). Please use the instructions in #1 to prepare and mail your check to our State Treasurer.

  3. Donated Supplies and Personal Items: Purchase or collect the needed items listed below and coordinate delivery to the Nashville Community Resource Center whose location is also provided below.

  4. Pray for the Victims and Their Families: Please remember to pray for the victims and their families. Many Councils and parishes are doing organized payer of the Rosary to ask our Blessed Mother to petition our Lord to provide his grace and mercy to those who are suffering.


  • (NEW) Operated Lanterns

  • (NEW) Adult Incontinence Products like Depends

  • (NEW)Storage Bins

  • Large plastic garbage cans (4’ tall)

  • Laundry detergent

  • Baby Food/Formula

  • Baby Bottles

  • New Adult size socks

  • New Undergarments (All sizes, all ages, male and female)


An updated list is posted on their Facebook page every hour or so @ CRCNashville


Items can be delivered to the Community Resource Center at 218 Omohundro Place, Nashville, TN 37210. The facility is open at 9 AM and will be staying open until 8 PM for the next several days. If you will be arriving with a large load of donated items you can call them ahead of time at 615-291-6688. Please note: no clothing (other than new socks and underwear) will be accepted.

For additional information please email

Additional updates will be provided as they are made available. We thank you all for your amazing support of these relief efforts and please keep praying for the victims and all those who are on the ground searching for those who are still missing!!

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